BackupAgent Brings Backup To Windows Azure

The ongoing battle to lower storage and hosting costs in the cloud continues, and sees to it that businesses and users both accelerate their transition to the cloud kingdom.

Windows Azure continues to gather new additions. This time it is BackupAgent — a provider of cloud backup software for service providers has just announced its integration with Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform.

Roland Sars, the CCO of BackupAgent said in a prepared statement:

“This integration is a great asset for our Partners who are currently facing challenges in keeping their storage costs competitive. We see a great demand for this feature as backup data is growing more than ever.”

BackupAgent CTO, Robbert van Geldrop added:

“From all cloud platforms we have chosen for Windows Azure because it offers an excellent set of features to configure the platform and our Partners can have the best price for their storage. For this integration we have also made a lot of improvements on the storage of data, this is also beneficial for our Partners using their platform with local backup storage.”

The integration itself is twofold. The BackupAgent Cloud Backup Platform can be fully hosted in a high available (load balanced) set up on Windows Azure Virtual Machines, complete with the service management console.

The second part of the integration is the storage of backed up data, which itself can be outsourced to the Windows Azure cloud storage platform. This makes it effortlessly easy to store backups on multiple locations around the world.

You can find out more about the solution on official BackupAgent website.

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