Ballmer at Imagine Cup talks Bing and Windows 8

July 10, 2011

On Bing:

“The real holy grail of what we all need to do is transform these machines so they understand you and what you mean. You ought to be able to say to your computer, verbally, type it, I don’t care, ‘Get me ready for my trip to the Imagine Cup.’ That ought to mean something to these systems. It means nothing today. “I’ll give you another one that’s even funnier. If you go to a search engine today and you say, ‘Print my boarding pass on Southwest,’ you’ll get nothing back but chaos. The truth of the matter is, computers, search engines, nothing really understands verbs today. We only understand nouns. And yet, most of us as human beings want to command these systems to do something for us. And the core technology we’re developing to understand and try to simulate the world of users and what they’re interested in, and how they want to get it done is all being done in Bing.”

On Windows 8

“Hey, what’s Windows 8? How do we drive it? What do we make happen? What are the key phenomena? When do we get to release it? How do we make it better, and better and better? Yes, there are some other guys we compete with. Boom we’ve got to do better, and better, and better, and better, and better. It’s pretty exciting, pretty exciting stuff.”
The Imagine Cup is a student technology competition created and sponsored by Microsoft. The Imagine Cup competition spans one year, beginning with local, regional, and online contests in over 100 countries/regions. The finalists go on to attend the Worldwide Finals held in a different country every year. The competition brings students together, provides resources and opportunities for students to innovate on the latest technologies. Read more about it here.]]>

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