Ballmer Era At Microsoft Has Come To An End, Analyst Pleased

said in a note to investors that it is sometimes difficult to implement your own ideas when a former CEO is still on the board:

“It marks the final chapter in the ‘Ballmer era’ at Microsoft. We believe it removes the final ‘Ballmer overhang’ at Microsoft. While Mr. Ballmer has been less involved in Microsoft’s operations since retiring earlier this year, we think that his resignation from the board represents a positive, as it leaves the company with a ‘clean sheet of paper’ as to which direction this technology stalwart may head over the coming years in its quest to find greener growth pastures.”
Obviously, the note further pushes for an agenda, calling for more changes at the board level to better align Microsoft towards a cloud and mobile strategy. But perhaps this is something for another day. Steve Ballmer, of course, is now only affiliated with Microsoft in terms of his investment in the company. The large individual shareholder of Redmond stock, Ballmer recently completed the purchase of an NBA team, LA Clippers, for a total of $2 billion. He cited his new responsibilities at the club, as his primary reason for stepping down from the board.]]>

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