Ballmer says that Windows RT/Surface RT Reception has Been Strong So Far

were doing modestly. Microsoft has now responded saying this was misunderstanding. When he said “modestly” he wasn’t talking about sales— he was saying that they are taking a modest approach. Steve said that the company was ramping up supply and distribution slowly for Surface and Windows RT and this approach would change as the ecosystem grew, etc. Microsoft says that the actual reception for the device has been nothing short of fantastic and will soon be available in more stores and countries. While some might say that Steve Ballmer is just backpedaling here, I actually believe him. From the long sales lines and other evidence out there, the Surface RT seems to be seeing strong sales. Unfortunately, we really don’t know one way or another because Microsoft has refused to give us concrete sales numbers. You might be thinking, “Yah, but problems with the Surface RT are starting to show up... sales are going to slow down big time now”. Maybe, but in recent times Apple has botched several design and software elements (maps, cases that scratch easily, releasing products too soon in the case of 4th gen iPad, and so on and so forth) but Apple products are still selling out left and right. Why? It’s about hype and marketing. If Microsoft can continue to deliver great ads that put the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 names out there— success is there is for the taking. I’m confident that the Microsoft Surface RT will be a great success, but is it for everyone? No. With limited apps, some of us really want a true workhorse and that will come with the more expensive Surface PRO. The future is bright for Microsoft, now it just comes to down to advertising and overall execution. What do you think of Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 so far? Do you own a Surface? If so, are you impressed by it so far?]]>

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