Ballmer Used To Bring A Baseball Bat In Company Meetings

Oh, boy this is rich! Hoho, baseball bats? Company meetings? You’ve got to be kidding me! Almost everyone on planet Earth knows that CEO Steve Ballmer is a highly dynamic personality.

The guy gets excited fast, and often channels the energy in peculiar ways. How peculiar, you ask? Well how does bringing baseball bats into meetings at Microsoft sounds?

Joachim Kempin (yeah, who else) in a recent interview said that Ballmer used to play the bad guy role during company meetings. But when he was really happy he often bought a baseball bat with him.

Talking to ReadWriteWeb, Kempin revealed:

“Steve sometimes walks down the hallways bouncing a basketball. Or if he’s having a really good day he’s swinging a baseball bat. Do you think that sends a signal? Sometimes he brings it with him into the conference room. Is it symbolic? Maybe. I don’t know. I would never do that.

For me it doesn’t send the right message. The man has some nervous energy and that’s how he gets rid of it. Have I heard him yelling? Yeah, I have.”

Still, he says that Ballmer used to regret some of his explosive outbursts, and usually apologizes whenever he crossed the line in front of his colleagues. So yeah, a good guy, just far too animated:

“Most of the time he apologizes afterwards. He’s just a very high-strung guy. He’s not a bad guy. He just goes overboard sometimes.”

Anyway, this highly dynamic personality may be one of the reasons why Kempin actually never went back to Redmond after leaving the company to catch up with Ballmer.

Oh well, we can always do with some behind the scene gossip like this at how things are run at one of the biggest computing firms on the planet. Let’s see what more Mr. Kempin has in store for us in the coming days and weeks.

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