Barclays Abandons Windows Phone

Wonder what took them so long! Financial apps usually are quick to leave the Windows Phone platform, but Barclays remained one of the last banks still supporting Microsoft’s mobile OS.

Not anymore.

Since few companies have any real reason to stick with the withering platform, Barclays has confirmed that its official client will be removed from the Windows Store in early 2018. This, they revealed, in a note sent to customers notifying them of this decision.

Basically, support for Windows phones will be pulled in February, and the official application will no longer allow users to login.

They are instead recommended to either use a web browser, or switch to a different platform like Android and iOS, both of which continue to be supported.

This is what the bank said in its message:

“We’re committed to providing you with the best, most secure version of the app. With these devices we’re no longer able to meet the extremely high standard that we set ourselves and that you deserve. We hope that the options below will allow you to continue carrying out your banking quickly and easily.”

Barclays then goes on to highlight some of the features that are available in the latest version of its app on Android and iOS — including options that allow users to update their details, control their cards, opt in for rewards, and discover new products that it is offering to customers.

And although it did not specifically mention the reason for departure, it is very clear to see why Barclays decided to abandon the Windows Phone platform.

It’s market share has hit rock button, sales are on a downturn, Microsoft has stopped releasing new versions, and new handsets are few and far between nowadays.

Time to say goodbye!

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