Barely Anyone Is Using Microsoft Edge

Except the faithful few. Windows 10 put up some really good numbers this past month, but this uptick in usage did not reflect on Microsoft Edge in any major fashion.

The default web browser that comes with the OS is struggling big time against assaults from competitors.

Most notably Google Chrome.

Latest data provided by NetMarketShare shows that Edge market share has stagnated at less than 6%, even as Windows 10 soared to capture almost 28% of the desktop market. The browser has had it tough right from the start, and it looks like its fortune is not going to change any time soon.

This sluggishness is not helped one bit by the dominance of one particular web browser that is now well on its way to corner the entire market — for better or for worse.

Chrome, the behemoth, is listed at 59.57%.

And growing.

Internet Explorer, the predecessor of Edge, is slowly winding down, but it still has 16.5% of the market to its name, compared to its newer, shinier cousin, which is said to be hovering around the 5.65% mark.

Firefox comes next with 12.32%, content and comfortable, as only Firefox can be.

It increased its standing by 0.3%, no hurries, no worries.

What is worrying, though, is the extensions situation on Edge, which still keeps users away from making it their browser of choice. This is, without doubt, the biggest hurdle that Microsoft needs to overcome to make its web browsing app a success.

In which slice of the pie do you fall in?

Or is it slices?

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or are you an Edge faithful?

Be nice to know.

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