Barnes & Noble introduce the revised Nook Tablet

  • a 1GHz Texas Instruments OMAP 4 dual-core CPU
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 16GB of built-in storage
  • a MicroSD card slot
  • Integrated Netflix
  • Hulu Plus for video
  • Pandora and Grooveshark for music streaming
  • Streaming 1080p video.
  • A microphone
  • The tablet however has no Bluetooth support. B&N says the battery will last 10 hours for reading, and 9 hours for high-def video playback—an almost 20 percent improvement over the Nook Color. B&N’s Nook Tablet will be available in its stores on Nov. 17, two days after Amazon begins shipping pre-ordered Kindle Fires. “Kindle Fire is deficient for a media tablet,” Barnes and Noble CEO William Lynch proclaimed at the Nook Tablet’s launch event Monday in New York City. “Content will render better on Nook than on Kindle Fire.” This is more of what Windows 8 has to compete with next year.]]>

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