Be careful! Fake Windows 8 Anti-Virus tools are coming


“The Win 8 Security System is typical rogue, or fake, antivirus software,” writes Naganathan Jawahar for the McAfee blog. ”After infecting a user’s system, this malware scares its victim into buying the “product” by displaying fake security messages, stating that the computer is infected with spyware or other malware and only this product can remove it after you download the trial version. As soon as the victim downloads Win 8 Security System, it pretends to scan your computer and shows a grossly exaggerated amount of nonexistent threats”.
This is very interesting that it’s happening so soon in the cycle and in this case, it’s just trying to get money. In more extreme cases, these fake “ANTIVIRUS” tools could be used to implant viruses, trojans, malware and all sort of nasty stuff on your PC. You need to be extremely careful what you allow to get installed on your PC.]]>

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