Best Buy Lumia 920 is actually sold out already

Previously, Windows 8 Update reported on how the Nokia Lumia 920 was put up by Best Buy for preorder only to be pulled about 24 hours later. At the time I suggested it was unlikely that all four color variants could have sold out and that it was probably pulled for another reason. Looks like I was wrong. Today Best Buy has updated its status for the Lumia 920 listing it as “SOLD OUT ONLINE”. Does this mean that Onuora was wrong when he suggested AT&T was a bad move for Nokia? Are they really flying off the shelves? Maybe not, it seems that Best Buy might have just had extremely low stock levels to begin with. Rumors suggest Best Buy had as little as 200 handsets for their online portal. Even though Windows Phone 8 might not be as hot-selling as Android and iOS alternatives are right now, that is still a crazy low amount of devices for a launch. It is also possible that these rumors of just 200 Lumia 920s were circulated to downplay how well Nokia’s latest Windows Phone 8 device is really doing in the preorder world. I’m really curious about the Lumia 920, but not curious enough to make a switch to AT&T. In time we shall see if AT&T exclusivity was a good move for Nokia or not. What do you think, is it possible that Best Buy had so few handsets to offer in the first place? Are you considering the Lumia 920 through AT&T or will you opt for another Windows Phone 8 handset? [ source ]]]>

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