Best Weather Apps Showcase Pops Up On The Windows Store

Another day, another new category on the Windows Store! The News and Weather category on Microsoft’s flagship apps repository is brimming with apps, and now Microsoft is showcasing a selection.

This new subcategory is for users that want to download some quality weather apps, and get the latest forecast right in the Metro interface of their Windows 8 and Windows RT devices.

The new section shows up in the Spotlight category, complete with a witty description:

“Why count on a groundhog to tell you if there’ll be six more weeks of winter? Get up-to-date info on whether it’ll stay cold or warm up.”

Plenty of apps are included in this new category, from popular tools like AccuWeather, The Weather Channel, The Weather Network, Weather+, Rain Alarm and Forecast HD, though considering how popular this category is, there are a few notable omissions as well.

And no, the default built-in Windows 8 Weather app is not included among these.

Microsoft has been actively launching these subcategories to showcase the best available apps for Windows 8. With the growing number of apps on the Windows Store, these are a great way to not only bring out the best choices available but point users towards quality apps, free and paid.

With the Valentine’s Day approaching soon, don’t be surprised to see another new subcategory pop up.

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