Beware of analysts predictions regarding Windows 8

the demise of Windows 8 – this before we’ve even seen the final product or the Windows 8 release Preview. Let me be very clear – they are full of crap. Be very wary of making any stock changes based on the whims of analysts that have virtually no idea of what they’re talking about. We have been watching Windows 8 since 2009 and have been here for all the twists and turns regarding this Operating System. There have been may ups and many downs but there has been so much happening lately that it’s impossible to make an accurate prediction one way or another. WOA became Windows RT. Microsoft may face EU browser restrictions in Windows RT. Parental Safety features look really great and could be a game changer (if marketed properly) and on and on it goes. I have been deep in Windows 8 for a long time and can tell you, we’ll know about the future of Windows 8 by January 2013 – after the holidays have passed and we actually get a chance to see what the public does with their spending money. Before then, ignore the noise.]]>

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