Big 3 Cloud Infrastructure Earnings Hit $22 Billion This Quarter

Cloud Infrastructure

If you thought this quarter could not get any more impressive, then how is this for amazement. The combined cloud infrastructure earnings of the Big 3 cloud providers reached a new landmark.

Of some $22 billion.

These eye-popping revenue numbers show the remarkable growth potential of the cloud. The trio of leaders namely Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, combined called Big 3, have managed to scale these figures up from around $16 billion from last year.

As a matter of pure fact, Synergy Research reports that this month the entire market is on a $100 billion run rate for the first time.


TechCrunch did some number crunching, pun always intended, here. With the goal of getting the specific numbers for reach company, and what they actually mean for that particular cloud provider going forward.

Worth a mention here that each firm has its own distinct way of reporting these figures. Google, for example, did not even report specific cloud revenue this quarter, and it also combines SaaS and infrastructure figures into a single number.

You can check the article for the full details.

But we have the purest numbers with AWS, which also has the largest chunk of market share with an estimated 33%. It reported revenue of almost $9 billion this month, putting it on a run rate of somewhere around $36 billion, well ahead of other players on the market.

Microsoft saw some expected slowdowns, but it sits firmly at 16% in second place. That it reported Intelligent Cloud earnings of $11 billion, and also nabbed the $10 billion JEDI contract, means that it could not have had a better close to the month.

Google has a share of 8%, which is far less than the other two, but is growing fast. Its cloud revenue has doubled in 18 months, and according to July figures, we know that Google is now on an $8 billion run rate, or $2 billion a quarter.

The big takeaway here is that, with the cloud market growing rapidly, all three companies are taking advantage of these massive growth potentials.

As they should.

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