Big Expectations for Microsoft in 2012


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  1. I think that the concern about cloud services and it’s impact on on premise sevices, especially windows is overblown. Most enterprises with a big investment in windows and windows applications will not switch 100% to the cloud, which is a destruction of capital investments. On premise services of windows remains very crucial to their workprocesses.  Cloud services are also not as elaborate as on premise services, with which you can do a lot more. The cloud will be an addition, making their workers more productive, flexible and mobile, thus increasing efficienty, effectiveness and profits (by realizing a lot of savings). This you can conclude of the experiences of big enterprises who are endorsing the Cloud. Small companies may be another story. Most companies who indorse the cloud are small companies, this is so for Google and Microsoft cloud services. Big enterprises will always have an on premise service. This will only change if cloud services are upgraded to do everything an on premise service can achieve, which it won’t do. And even so big companies will always want an on premise storage of their data, in case something goes wrong with the internet of cloud services.   

  2. In order for Microsoft to make inroads in to the iPad territory, they must have a svelte hardware device in place, if the new tablet is ARM based then maybe they stand a chance. Nobody wants a four pounds laptop with a swiveling touch screen called tablet. You can stick the best interface on it but it will still be a four pounds laptop with ugly grills blowing out hot air to cool off power hungry Intel’s steam locomotive.
    Apple singlehandedly redefined what a Tablet is despite Microsoft’s “expertise” in making tablet OS since Windows XP.
    Microsoft totally missed the ball after their Origami project sunk in the corporate shuffle. There were many slates made by different manufacturers, but it was Microsoft who killed them by not developing the tablet interface and not allowing the Active pen to go further then being a fancy mouse.

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