Bill Gates Calls For A "Digital Revolution" Against Worldwide Hunger

“You should go out and talk to people growing rice and say do they mind that it was created in a laboratory when their child has enough to eat?” he told reporters at a small media roundtable after his speech. “The change in the way mankind lives over the last several hundred years is based on adoption of innovative practices and we simply haven’t done enough for those in the greatest need to bring these things,” he said. I strongly agree. While GMOs might have some controversy surrounding them, it is certainly a much better option than going to bed without enough food in your belly. I think it is hard for those that aren’t in a more ‘developed’ country to really envision just how difficult live is for many folks out there across the globe. The Gates Foundation has also launched $200 million in new grants to finance research on drought-resistant maize, a vaccine to help livestock farmers and a project to train farmers. They also have committed to a $2 billion investment in seven crops and one livestock vaccine. I’m glad to see that Gates acquired fortune is at least getting some good use. You have to stop and think, I like the next best thing like the Playstation 3, a new smartphone, and HDTV as much as anybody, BUT if companies focused more on developing the way we got work done, from the farming level and upwards, I think we would have more jobs and less starvation across the globe. That’s just one man’s opinion though. What do you think? [ source ]]]>

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