Bill Gates’ Casual Handshake Offends South Korean Officials

William Henry Gates III is the world’s most famous geek. Even when he is meeting highest-ranking government officials discussing nuclear power plant deals, Bill is his casual self.

Microsoft’s co-founder recently made a trip to Seoul to meet the South Korean President, Park Geun-hye to discuss a joint effort to help build a new nuclear reactor in the country. Bill Gates, as you may be aware, is the chairman of nuclear startup TerraPower.

Gates greeted the South Korean President with his trademark geeky smile.

But you know the thing with geeks is that they sometimes have one of their hands gently in their pockets. This happened to be the case when both officials were shaking hands, as can be seen from the photo above.

Most who know Bill Gates will testify that his famous geeky smile and casual approach is how Microsoft’s founder usually greets people.

But try telling that to the South Korean media that criticized Gates for his casual attitude. Some even went as far as to describe his gesture as an act of disrespect.

A report over at The Telegraph says that Bill Gates has come under fire in mainstream media as well as on social networks, with people suggesting that most officials meeting the president take on a much more respectful attitude — and shake hands without one hand in the pocket.

Bill Gates hasn’t said anything about his way of shaking hands yet, and from the image above it seems that the President isn’t particularly offended either.

Maybe it was really cold in the meeting room, eh?

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