Bill Gates says Windows 8 is the company’s foundation for the future

Windows 8 has certainly had a mixed reception in its short time on the market. There are some that say it is the worst thing to have happened to Windows. Others say that it is the best thing to have ever happened.

Analysts have weighed in, Microsoft gurus have weighed in, even lowly tech writers like myself have expressed their opinions about what Windows 8 means for Microsoft, computers and the future of Windows.

Personally, I believe that Windows 8’s “flaws” are being greatly exaggarted by its critics.

Sure, I actually agree that certain parts of the new Start UI are a little less intuitive than they could be (like shutting down) but is it really the end of the world as we know it that it take a few more seconds to shut down? Considering I shut my PC down less than once a week– I’d say it isn’t a big deal. Maybe that’s just me.

What Windows 8 changes and makes “less intuitive” in some ways, it makes up for in a solid Windows Store experience, a faster and more fluid OS experience (including the time it takes to start and shutdown) and many, many other new features beyond just the lack of a start bar/menu.

Windows 8 is a neccessary step for Microsoft. They need to lay groundwork for a mobile-centric future. While I’m not sure if the PC is dying, it is evolving.

Microsoft can’t afford to continue to rollout minor changes to Windows and call it good. If they continue down that path? Google’s Chrome OS or even operating systems like Ubuntu will eventually roll over and destroy Microsoft’s marketshare.

What Does Microsoft’s Founder have to Say About Windows 8?

We’ve heard Microsoft employees and their current CEO defende Windows 8 and waht it brings to the table, but what exactly does Bill Gates have to say? In a new interview with Fox Business Network, Bill Gates called Windows 8 the “foundation for the future” of operating systems at Microsoft.

“The way they have built touch in, the way they have the application store – it’s off to quite a good start,” he said. “You know, making sure they have more – the best applications, more applications, you know – they’re on a really good trajectory.”
Additionally he seemed to have strong love for the Surface in the interview as well. Basically Gates said that the Surface was a better choice than ultrabooks (in so many words) because it provides the best of a tablet and a laptop thanks to its great design.

Of course it isn’t surprising to see Gates defending a product from a company he put on the map. Still, I largely agree with him. Microsoft has a ways to go before the vision they started with for Windows 8 is realized, but it is a positive step in the right direction.

What do you think of Windows 8 so far? Will consumers eventually come around or is this the beginning of the end for Microsoft?

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