Bill Gates Should Return As Interim Microsoft CEO, Says CEO

Not always does one gets to write a headline with the word CEO twice in it, but the biggest question in the technology world since last week is who should be Microsoft’s pick to replace the outgoing Steve Ballmer as the head of the Redmond Empire. may be one of Microsoft’s bigger competitors, and Marc Benioff, one of the most outspoken people in the technology sector. But the head of the cloud computing company believes that Gates is the best man to lead the technology titan, even if on an interim basis.

This, as you may recall, is not a new line of thought — A few other analysts believe that Bill Gates could do the perfect job at this stage and lead Redmond at its most crucial of times.

Benioff, talking to CNet said that if Gates returned, he would bring a new level of enthusiasm and excitement to the company. He further suggests that Gates should announce his return to Microsoft on an interim basis:

“There is no clear candidate with the visionary skills to turn company around other than Bill Gates.

He could come back with new ways to run the company, let (his wife) Melinda run the charitable foundation, make changes and identify the next leader to come, with a clear window of three years.”

Having said that, no matter how much the fans and industry may want Gates to return, it still is highly unlikely that he would suddenly break away from his charity work and come back in full capacity at Microsoft. But as the saying goes, one should never say never — at least in the technology business.

It would generate a tremendous amount of positive buzz, though, this much is a sure.

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