Bill Gates Takes To Reddit To Talk About His New Role At Microsoft

AMA Session on Reddit yesterday, saying that he was thrilled to return to the company in a much more active capacity. When asked about his new role within the company, Gates had this to say:

“I make sure we pick ambitious scenarios and that we have a strong architecture to deliver on them. I encourage good work (hopefully). My time will be about 2/3 Foundation and 1/3 Microsoft. I will focus on product work mostly.”
So far so good — but what about future strategy? In his own words:
“I am excited about how the cloud and new devices can help us communicate and collaborate in new ways. The OS won’t just be on one device and the information won’t just be files – it will be your history including being able to review memories of things like kids growing up. I was thrilled Satya asked me to pitch in to make sure Microsoft is ambitious with its innovation. Even in Office there is a lot more than can be done.”
Sure Office has been a bit stale in terms of features recently, but Microsoft has more pressing matters to take care of including operating systems, mobile, and hardware. Fingers crossed, we get to see what kind of an impact Bill Gates has on these affairs very soon.]]>

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