Bill Gates Takes to Reddit for AMA Session

February 11, 2013

Today Bill Gates took to Reddit for an “Ask Me Anything” session, and certainly had plenty to share. Some of the talk revolved around technology, other parts of the conversation were more focused on the Melinda & Bill gates foundation.

While I highly recommend checking out the Reddit session log and read the great AMA session questions and answers for yourself, I’ll do my best to highlight some of the more interesting technology-related aspects of the session.

In the conversation, Gates mentioned he is currently using Microsoft Surface Pro and an 80-inch Windows 8 tablet as his main devices. He also talked about how he has used all of Apple’s products, at least as a way of testing them to see how they compare to Microsoft’s own products.

Gates also mentioned that he and Jobs respected one another as professionals and talked a bit about Apple. In Gate’s own words when asked about his relationship with Steve Jobs, “He and I respected each other. Our biggest joint project was the Mac where Microsoft had more people on the project than Apple did as we wrote a lot of applications. I saw Steve regularly over the years including spending an afternoon with him a few months before he tragically passed away…”

The session also talked about what Gates wished would have come out from Microsoft but never actually did, and he talks about WinFS. “We had a rich database as the client/cloud store that was part of a Windows release that was before its time,” said Gates. “This is an idea that will remerge since your cloud store will be rich with schema rather than just a bunch of files and the client will be a partial replica of it with rich schema understanding.”

When asked about recent Microsoft efforts like Windows 8 and Bing, here’s what was said:

Q: Windows 7 or Windows 8? Be honest Bill.
A: Higher is better.
Q: Do you guys really use Bing? I mean seriously…
A: Seriously Bing is the better product at this point. Try the challenge. I am biased but the work to make Bing better has been amazing.

Again, you will probably want to check this out for your own, if you are at all a fan of Microsoft, Gates or just computers and the founders involved in the business.

For those that already read some of the other questions and answers mentioned by Gates in the session, what did you think? While it isn’t surprising to hear Microsoft’s chairman praise the company’s products, I still like hearing him speak about technology and Microsoft in general from time to time. What about you?

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