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Bing Ad Search

Because why not? Because why not? While no one will deny that Microsoft should be able to promote its products and services like Bing, the company has begun to push them a little too heavily lately.

Perhaps, it’s the excitement after the launch of the latest version of Windows 10.

Or perhaps, it’s something else.

But there is no two words about it that the software titan is trying to showcase all its sites and services, all its major products in every nook and corner of the OS. In particular, the Start Menu, which is something everyone uses every day.

Take this new development, for instance.

Bing Ad Windows Search

Redmond has started to display alerts across the operating system that promote various search categories of its Bing search engine in Windows 10. There are the “Learn something new” alerts that are displayed as popups out of the search field in the operating system.

And there are promotions that prompt users to “Explore easy recipes, at-home workouts, and the latest streaming movies” by clicking the accompanying “Let’s go” button.

Bing Ad Start Menu

Hitting that button opens and displays a list of recommended Bing searches in the Start Menu.

Now, you may be wondering just how is Microsoft displaying these ads, these advertisements that are scattered across the OS? Maybe there is a new module that the company has baked into this new version of Windows 10? An app, maybe?

Bing Ad Microsoft Tips App

You are right, because when these prompts are located in the Notification Center, it is the Microsoft Tips app that is the culprit.

What’s truly interesting is that disabling these promotional bits is impossible in the operating system. Windows 10 already comes with two options in this regard, on that can be used to disable suggestions being shown occasionally in Start, and the other that brings tips, tricks and suggestions.

Disabling both these in Settings does nothing.

Of course, some of you may yet to see these promotions. But more and more people are being sent these intrusive suggestions. Just like an army of users was being diverted to give the new Edge a try.

What are your thoughts on these?

Is it okay for Microsoft to take this heavy approach towards promoting its products and services? Or should the company find a better way to put these ads in front of users?

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