Bing Correctly Predicted 84% Of Oscars 2015 Winners

A little thing called the Academy Awards were held this past Sunday, also known as Oscars 2015. And Microsoft’s Bing prediction engine once again to amaze by correctly calling the shots.

In fact, it only got 4 results wrong — and all four of them can be considered upsets.

Large or small, but upsets, nevertheless.

The search service correctly guessed most of the winners, including the best actors, best actress, best supporting actress, best documentary feature, best visual effects, and of course, the best picture categories. This year’s predictions were published by the Bing team last week.

Bing Predictions Oscars 2015

Oscar predictions are not something new for Microsoft, as the company has been trying to predict these winners since 2013. Bing also expanded to sports recently, including football, soccer and cricket.

Utilizing a system developed by Microsoft Research engineer based in New York City, David Rothschild, the Bing prediction engine correctly guessed 19 out of 24 winners in 2013.

So that’s a bit of an improvement this, nearly 85% accuracy.

This is the same prediction engine that is integrated into Cortana, the personal digital assistant that is currently available on Windows Phone and will soon be released on the PC with Windows 10.

Cortana also features prediction capabilities, which leverages the Bing Predicts statistical model.

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