Bing iOS App Updated To 4.1.1

Microsoft continues to refine the Bing experience, not just on the search engine side of things, but everywhere else where the service is connected and integrated.

The company has already highlighted the fact that Bing is built deep into the upcoming Windows 8.1.

But at the same time it continues to improve and enhance the official Bing apps on other platforms. The iOS version of the app got updated on the first day of August, and the first day of October brings another notable refresh to the mobile application.

Version 4.1.1 of the search engine client has now surfaced on Apple’s app store, and along with full compatibility with the new iOS 7, the app also brings around a couple of new features.

The latest version of the app now includes a brand new image viewer that lets users swipe, zoom in and view high resolution images. It also displays the Bing homepage images of the last seven, in the proverbial Retina display, obviously.

Users also get access to the Bing homepage hotspots — you know, the ones that offer handy information about the image of the day once you hover the mouse.

Microsoft also boasts full compatibility with iOS 7 in iPhone and iPad, though we all know that Bing is not a native iPad app. But maybe that is something for the future, eh?

As was the case with earlier versions of the app, this new flavor works on iOS 4.3 and up, meaning it is compatible with all Apple mobile devices currently out in the wild, starting with the iPhone 3GS.

You can take a look at the app here at this link.

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