Bing Rolls Out New Recipe Feature Just In Time For Thanksgiving

here. Now, though, they are back with a new option that will please those of you that like a traditional home cooked Thanksgiving meal. Bing now includes a new way to find recipes, and a remarkably amazing new way it is. It is another small, yet useful update to the search service. As discussed in a post on the official Bing blog, the search engine new collects and displays recipes from popular sites and the carousel allows you to view them in one convenient location:

“Thanksgiving is almost here and that means two things, family and food. We understand how difficult it can be to cook such a huge feast. Whether you are looking for a new dish for this year’s table or for how to make stuffing just like your mom’s, Bing can help you find the perfect recipe. We’ve collected recipes from all of your favorite sites, this way you can look through all of them in one place. Click through our new carousel with large images to explore dishes until you find the right one.”
The included recipe cards also provide you with details and information, including cooking time, servings, ingredients and even reviews. As is usually the case, this update is still rolling out, so you’ll be able to see it soon, if it is not yet available for you. As the Bing team says, hold on tight.]]>

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