Bing Search Breaks Down Windows Search


Oops! The search feature bundled with Windows 10 is down. As a matter of fact, Bing Search went down a few hours ago, and it took Windows Search along with it for the ride.

Since the Bing search engine is baked into Windows Search, the outage impacting the online service is now causing issues on Windows 10 devices as well. Users are finding it impossible to search for both local files and online information.

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Microsoft was quick to confirm the problem, explaining that a third-party networking fiber provider experienced a disruption that led to this.

“Users may have been unable to access multiple Microsoft 365 services. Additionally, users who were able to access services may have experienced latency.

We’ve identified a third-party networking fiber provider experienced a network interruption. We’ve rerouted user connections to alternate networking components and confirmed that impact has been remediated after monitoring the environment.”

Not a good look, this.

Besides, Windows 10 should have a fallback option for scenarios like this, where the local search functionality on computers remains unimpacted by external factors like what has just happened now.

According to the company, users in Europe are the ones most affected by this outage.

Redmond has said that it is already working on improving the systems to prevent this from happening again. The company is reviewing its network redundancy options to find ways to prevent an issue like this from rearing its head again.

Then again, Microsoft has been messing around with the search box in Windows 10 lately, so perhaps we will see the company make further changes. Whether these changes include the option of decoupling Bing service remains to be seen.

For the time being, a reboot is necessary to apply the fix. Devices where Windows Search has stopped must be rebooted to receive the fix and restore normal behavior as before.

Have you been impacted by this issue? Let us know.

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