Bing Usage On Windows Phone On The Rise, Some 52% Already In

When they said mobile was the next frontier, boy were they right. Microsoft may have been slow to realize it in full, but the company has been making up some solid ground recently.

Take Bing usage on Windows Phone devices, as a measuring stick.

Microsoft’s search engine is used by over half of Windows Phone users, ahead of Google Search and other such search services. Compare the 52 percent on mobile to the 18 percent on desktop and you have get an idea that the mobile platform is almost three times more successful.

And according to this research by Kantar ComTech, these figures are growing.

Redmond has deeply integrated Bing into many of its products like Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox, and this front row seat is playing a big hand in this ascent.

Plus when you take in the full picture, there remains tremendous potential for growth.

Say what others may, the Windows Phone platform is still in its infancy. It may have found its footing, but it still has a lot to travel to take the other big competitors head on. And this provides Microsoft with not just more headroom for growth, but also motivation to continually improve its services.

With the success Windows Phone handsets are enjoying right now, expect these numbers to grow by a substantial margin before the year is out.

What about you guys here that are using Windows Phone handsets?

Bing or something else? Let your search engine choice be known in the comments below!

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