Biometric, Cloud Attacks Seen As Top Cyberthreats For 2019

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2019 is almost here, but before that we have some security predictions for the new year. Biometric hacking and cloud attacks are among the top cyberthreats for next year.

This was revealed in the 2019 Data Breach Industry Forecast that Experian just put out.

The sixth annual report includes predictions for the top five cyberthreats that businesses will face next year, and it addresses new frontiers like biometrics and gaming, while also highlighting susceptible breach targets like cloud and wireless.

As Michael Bruemmer, vice president of Data Breach Resolution at Experian puts it:

“Hackers have become very nimble at outsmarting protection measures. Cybercriminals always seem to stay a step ahead of new security gates. We use the power of data to help businesses make the right decisions, and we issue our Data Breach Industry Forecast each year to give them a competitive edge. Our predictions look at where hackers may go next to exploit vulnerabilities so companies can safeguard themselves against these future threats.”

As for the five predictions, things start with biometric hacking.

Which Experian says attackers have started to zero in and expose vulnerabilities in touch ID sensors, facial recognition and passcodes. Biometric data is still considered the most secure methods of authentication, but it’s not without chinks in its armor.

Skipping is another threat that the technology world faces, where an enterprise wide attack could result in millions in losses.

Similarly, the report makes mention of wireless carriers and major cloud vendors suffering a data breach that may compromise the sensitive information of millions of customers or major companies. In fact, it is claim that this is a matter of if, not when.

Even though leading cloud providers like Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform take security very, very seriously.

Another area of attack for cybercriminals is the emerging online gaming community, with hackers posing as gamers and gaining access to the computers and personal data of players.

A detailed analysis of these five predictions is available at the report, which can be downloaded here.

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