BlackBerry Vice President Returns To Microsoft

With all the news about high ranking official leaving Microsoft, here’s some good news on an experience hand joining the company. BlackBerry Vice President is back at Redmond after a period of 14 years.

Alec Saunders has just left the Canadian maker of mobile phones.

And he is now back at Microsoft, the company where he worked from 1992 to 2000. His previous stint at the software titan included work on Windows, Internet Explorer and a few other consumer products. Now, however, he will join the Microsoft Ventures team.

At BlackBerry he served as the Vice President of Developer Relations.

Saunders shared the news on his blog, confirming that he has made a decision to take over the role of Principal Technical Evangelist at Microsoft and he no longer works for BlackBerry since Monday.

“I’m part of the global Microsoft Ventures team. And we run programs, like the Microsoft Ventures Accelerators, that are focused on helping early stage companies achieve their full potential.”

The former BlackBerry executive also talked about his previous experience at Microsoft, which he says provided him with some of the most enduring lessons of his career.

He will report directly to Steven Guggenheimer, and expectedly, will focus on the Canadian business. BlackBerry still has an enterprise presence in Canada, and this is something Redmond plans to target with the upcoming Windows 10 for Phone.

No official confirmation from Microsoft on this yet, and chances are that we might not get a press release, as the news is already official.

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