Blocking Bug Means No Fast Ring Builds This Week

A blocking bug? Man, those are the worse! If you were looking forward to some serene Windows 10 testing this weekend, and Fast ring getting a new preview build, then there’s news for you.

New, straight from the top.

Dona Sarkar, the Windows Insider Program lead, confirmed earlier today that there will not be any Fast ring builds — until next week at the earliest. The reason for this delay is a blocking bug that the company found in internal testing, which prevented the launch for Insiders.

Jason Howard of Microsoft also weighed in on this, revealing that the bug had a big impact.

Bugs like this can cause serious issues when upgrading to new build, and often prevent users from successfully upgrading to future builds. And even if they are able to pull an upgrade, the experience is not without its own set of issues.

Evidently, Microsoft needs more time to iron out this bug, and prepare a release.

So, no shiny new build this week, but there is always hope that we will get a good one next week.

The last Fast ring release Insiders currently have access to is build 16257, which made its way out last week. The software titan also released build 1621 to the Slow ring, and followed that up with ISOs for that version, too.

Redmond has amped up the preview releases lately, at least on the PC side of things, as it moves in to finish up development work on the Fall Creators Update.

This next big refresh of Windows 10 is on track for launch in late September.

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