Bloomberg Reveals More Details On Microsoft’s Massive Reorganization Plan

As far as rumors go, this one is absolutely massive. Microsoft could be up for some major reorganizational changes if this plan goes into effect.

Word of this restructuring first came out Monday where CEO Steve Ballmer was said to be ready to give the green light to a major reorganization plan that would allow the Redmond based technology titan to move towards the devices and services firm concept.

At its very essence, the goal is to put the focus into hardware thereby better positing Microsoft to compete against rivals like Apple and Google — both of which have invested heavily in this market.

Now according to a report over at Bloomberg, citing unnamed sources, the whole idea behind this change is to actually reduce the number of business division to only four.

Insiders told the source that the technology titan is planning to launch a brand new enterprise division that is to be headed by Satya Nadella, who currently heads Microsoft’s server business. Enterprise market is slowly and steadily becoming a priority for the company.

The company’s hardware division, the one responsible for the Surface devices, is likely to fall under the responsibility of Don Mattrick. Don, as you may be aware, is currently the head of the Entertainment and Devices unit.

Qi Lu, currently leading the online division, is set to become the head of applications and services.

And finally, another key change is that the leader of the Windows division, Julie Larson-Green will take charge of the fourth business division specifically focused on operating systems. She will take charge along with Terry Myerson, who is currently the head of Windows Phone.

Tony Bates, the president of the Skype business unit could also be part of this new shift, but his role in Microsoft’s new reorganization is yet to be finalized.

Speaking of which, these changes are obviously yet to be confirmed, and should be taken with the proverbial pinch of salt until Microsoft releases an official statement.

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