Bluestacks could bring Android Apps to Windows RT Next Year?

mentioned that AMD was entering into a partnership with them to bring that technology to its AMD users in an integrated and useful way. It doesn’t end with Windows 8 though. The Bluestacks team has now expressed interest in possibly bringing BlueStacks technology over to Windows RT. The news came from an answer in the Bluestacks support forum when a person asked if BlueStacks would consider a move into RT territory. The official response was: “We are considering offering BlueStacks for Windows R/T next year.” Keep in mind that this is a far cry from saying “It is coming for sure in 2013”. Instead, it just means they are exploring the possibility, and there are at least a few unknowns about how this would work. With Windows RT, only Microsoft allows desktop apps. BlueStacks (as I understand it) has so far required the desktop access to fully work. Would Microsoft allow them to do something like this? I’m not so sure. Of course there is the possibility that BlueStacks could be re-written for the new Start UI. With that in mind, BlueStacks is also somewhat of a storefront, and I’m not sure that Microsoft would officially allow a “competing” store to make its way into the new Start UI. So why should we care about BlueStacks on RT? The biggest reason is that it would open up users to many apps that have yet to make their way over to the Windows Store. At the same time, these wouldn’t be native apps and probably wouldn’t perform at the same level that Windows Store alternatives would. Still, having access to the 700,000+ Android apps out there sounds like an interesting idea. What do you think of this news, would you like to see BlueStacks come to Windows RT or not? [ source ]]]>

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