BlueStacks Out of Beta and Promoting Surface Pro Optimization

The Surface Pro is out now, and seems to actually be doing rather well, at least if Microsoft’ own in-store representatives prove to be correct. So you have that shiny new tablet for your business pleasure, but you quickly realize that perhaps your bank doesn’t have an app for Windows 8 just yet. Maybe you are discouraged by the current limited business app scene or maybe the entertainment side of things is a little weak– such as missing out on official Twitter and Facebook apps.

Those who have followed us at Windows 8 Enterprise know that I feel that the solution to this problem is to supplement your Windows 8 experience with Android apps. Though this isn’t the perfect solution, it is a solution nonetheless.

So how do you go about it? There is tons of potential for WindowsAndroid but right now, the only truly stable way is BlueStacks. And today we have great news, BlueStacks just came officially out of Beta and is touting improved optimization for both Windows 8 and the Surface Pro in particular.

The team behind BlueStacks has released a catchy little video detailing what BlueStacks can bring to your tablet experience, and it is a pretty well done video. In particular it highlights the ability to now bring your Android apps into full-screen mode and promises a more stable experience with over 750,000 Android apps added into the Surface Pro mix.

Keep in mind that, unfortunately, you still have to go to the desktop in order to launch Bluestacks apps and it doesn’t work with Windows RT. Although Microsoft might not be keen on the idea of bringing Android apps to their platform (since it slows down the purchase of Windows Store apps), Microsoft might be wise to consider a partnership with BlueStacks.

Many PC vendors have already partnered to pre-install BlueStacks on their devices in order to help fill in gaps in the Windows Store selection. Microsoft should truly consider doing the same and working with BlueStacks to create a Modern-compatible version of Bluestacks. Imagine if you could pin Android apps to the Modern Start UI and launch them just like a regular Windows 8 Store app. This would certainly be idea for Windows 8 tablet users that don’t want to go into the desktop to get the job done.

What do you think of the idea of using Android apps in Windows? These apps obviously don’t follow the styling guidelines of Windows 8 and could introduce their own problems, but again also help fill in a true need that might otherwise be missing in Windows 8. Personally I think BlueStacks is a good idea, just as long as it doesn’t hinder or slow-down the Microsoft Windows Store in the long run.

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