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BMC Helix Is A Go On Microsoft Azure

BMC has announced the availability of the BMC Helix Cognitive Service Management solution on Microsoft Azure, leveraging the power of containers.

Enterprises can now run BMC Helix on their cloud of choice, including Azure, AWS, and BMC Cloud.

The company is a global leader in IT solutions for the digital enterprise, and this latest development is the expansion of the availability of the BMC Helix offering that the firm introduced in June 2018.

BMC also announced the availability of BMC Helix Discovery as a cloud service.

This is a service that helps businesses discover assets and services across on-premise and multi-cloud environments including Azure, AWS, OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Google Cloud, and more.

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Nayaki Nayyar, President, Digital Services Management at BMC:

“The power of containers enables BMC Helix to run on the customers’ cloud of choice and significantly improves the operational efficiencies to deliver speed, scale, and cost savings. In addition, with Helix Discovery, our customers have a choice to consume Discovery as a cloud service or on-prem solution.”

With support for Azure, BMC has essentially enabled enterprises to transform ITSM into cognitive service management in the cloud of their choice

Developers can now leverage the power of containers to provide a scalable and elastic service platform that simplifies the management of their increasingly complex IT environments. They now have the ability to gain the benefits of SaaS with this capability of running Helix on Microsoft Azure.

The company already has a webinar about the BMC Helix Cognitive Service Management solution that you can listen to.

You can also learn more about this new launch here, or download the product here.

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