Boston Consulting Group survey results – Windows 8 Tablets desired more than Ipads?

Chinese and American respondents chose Windows when asked “Which operating system do you prefer on your tablet?”. That’s pretty interesting considering that Windows 8 hasn’t even been formally released as an Operating System yet. Those are some of the results of a survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group. You can see a very interesting chart of the survey results below.(click on the chart for a larger view). John Rose, a senior partner at Boston Consulting Group had the following to say about the chart… “You can look at the chart and think it’s time to sell Apple stock,” Rose said, “but really it’s new demand. … The introduction of a Windows tablet would be market-expanding as opposed to share-shifting. The volume [of tablets in America] will continue to grow, and it’s hard to imagine that the Windows platform…will crush the iOS trajectory.” Among the less surprising findings of the BCG survey is that the tablet market is set to explode over the next few years, with tablet ownership expected to double in the United States by 2013. Rather than directly taking away business from Apple, Rose said, the multiple Windows tablets should attract first-time tablet buyers in the expanding market. Also important to note: The survey took place before the announcement of the Kindle Fire. It’s an interesting poll but somewhat meaningless as Windows 8 is vaporware at this point. Once consumers get to see and touch Metro, some of these numbers will become a lot more meaningful. Source]]>

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