Botched Windows 10 Update Causes Internet, Sound Issues

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Oh boy, here we go again! There is talk of another botched Windows 10 update in the wild, which is causing internet and sound issues for users who deployed it on their computers.

This is the latest in line of substantial issues that have plagued users of Microsoft’s latest OS.

Last week, the company released KB4532695 for Windows 10, as a non-security update for two versions of its operating system — namely version 1903 and version 1909. Redmond said that this patch included fix for a couple of bugs that users had been reporting for close to three months now.

Issues related to File Explorer and the Search bar.

Well, as lucky would have it, KB4532695 comes with its own set of problems, ranging from Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) issues to breaking down some fundamental features of the operating system.

And that’s without even talking about the disabling of sound and internet for some users.

Angry users are discussing these problems on Microsoft’s own forums, as well as other places on the web, with many of them annoyed at the issues being caused.

Apparently, certain PCs have had their networking functionality killed, and the problem appears to be affecting both wired and wireless connections, Ethernet and WiFi. It is also hitting different brands of network adapters.

The only guaranteed solution is to simply uninstall the cumulative update, or roll back to a previous version of Windows 10 from Settings.

Which is not an ideal solution, as it leaves you with a broken File Explorer, of course.

With more and more users reporting these bugs with this particular update, we are certain to get some acknowledgement from Microsoft about these fresh problems soon.

What about you guys? Still safe after deploying KB4532695?

Do tell.

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