Browser Plugin Offers Metro-Style Startscreen

EIGHT” for Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari which will allow you to set your browser start page so that it has the look and feel of Metro UI. vravx0 This cool plugin was created by Ľubomír Krupa to give users a small taste of what UI looks like in action while giving easy access to your favorite websites and is basically just an alternative to the start screen found on most modern browsers. It is also a very highly customizable plugin as well. Is this anything like the real METRO interface in Windows 8? Honestly, not really. It is more of a series of links to different web portals that has a Metro-feel to it. You might be wondering why you would even bother then. If you don’t want to install Windows 8 but like the idea of at least getting a minor preview of what it would be like, this plugin is pretty cool. I’ve personally tried it and for web browsing it provides a unique twist. Does it compare to Metro? No, not exactly but it is still worth playing around with at least until the Beta or Final version you are waiting for arrives. If you are looking for something more powerful that mimics 8 further, such skins do exist throughout the net but they tend to be buggy and slow down Windows performance. This plugin won’t interfere with anything and is fairly easy to install. My personal opinion is that if you want more than this mild taste of Metro, at least grab a virtual machine copy of Windows 8 and have a go. For those who don’t want all the effort? This is certainly better than nothing. To be honest I’ve installed in INSIDE of Windows 8 and use it as my Firefox start screen, so I have a Metro look and feel in Firefox and actually have the real deal. What do you think about Metro? Does this plugin sound like something that would interest you? Share your thoughts below!]]>

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