Budget Microsoft Surface Tablet Gets Real

July 3, 2018

If you’re still feeling blue after hearing reports that Microsoft has delayed, or even canceled, the Surface Andromeda mobile device, there’s some good news on the horizon.

And unlike that mythic machine, this one is actually coming.

Word is that a new Microsoft Surface tablet has appeared at the FCC for approval, with the filing revealing some details about this slate. No crucial intelligence, but enough hints that this is a new kind of device.

That is to say, there are model differences between already certified devices — a confirmation that this is not a new version of an existing Surface device. So, basically, we can rule out the possibility of a new Surface Laptop with more memory or something like that.

Yes, this is the same Surface hardware that we heard about recently, whereby Microsoft was designing it to take on the Apple iPad 6.

But it’s now that much closer to launch.

So, anyway, the model number has been referred to as Model 1824, and it comes with a 24-watt power supply. Unlike the 36-watt that is seen in the latest Surface Pro models. The smaller power unit indicates economical hardware, meaning the chip running in this device will not consume a lot of energy.

The processor will probably an Intel chip, as rumors have hinted, while the OS is listed as being the fully featured Windows 10 Pro.

As for pricing, Microsoft is said to be targeting the $400 mark or even under, in a bid to offer a low-cost solution for those looking at a Windows tablet for home or school use.

Looks like we will not have to wait too long for it to be officially revealed.


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