Bug Causing YouTube Playback Errors On Edge

YouTube Play Button

Well, that’s just grand! Microsoft has acknowledged an issue that is affecting its latest creation Edge, whereby the browser fails to play YouTube videos.

This happens when either the AdBlock or AdBlock Plus extension is enabled.

The software titan confirmed the problem in a Tech Community post, saying that it is investigating the possible bug based on the feedback it has received from users. Apparently, the issue currently affects all versions of the web browser in all operating systems.

As in Canary, Dev, Beta, and Stable flavors of the browser on all current versions of Windows.

Users reported being served with this error or a blank screen when they tried to play videos on the YouTube website. This grim looking error message that you can see below.

Edge YouTube Error

Currently, the only workaround for this issue is to disable the two extensions and then reloading the page to play the video. Which kind of defeats the purpose of using either of these addons, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Redmond will probably release a hotfix to all versions of Microsoft Edge after it nails down the problem and resolves the issue.

But the resolution might take a bit of time, as the team is working on investigating this issue further.

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