Buggy NVIDIA Driver Said To Be Cause Of Surface RT Audio Issue, Here Is A Fix

The latest Surface RT firmware update that launched earlier this month broke down the sound on some of the tablets. A number of owners confirmed the unexpected sound drops when watching a movie or listening to a song.

Microsoft quickly acknowledged the issue and promised to look into the matter and issue a fix.

Well, now we may have some update on this from the technology titan. A post on the Microsoft support forums reveals that Microsoft admitted that some Surface RT are indeed affected by the audio issue, but the problem is not with the underlying hardware.

Instead, according to the software titan, the NVIDIA Tegra Audio Topology Filter is the culprit.

A temporary workaround has also been provided, which you might want to try if you are suffering from this particular audio problem. Here is the fix as mentioned in the thread:

1. Open the Control panel in the desktop
2. Change the “View” (Top left) from “View by: Category” to “View by: Large Icons”
3. Tap on the “Device Manager”
4. Go down to “Sound, Video and game controllers” and open it
5. Right click (Tap&Hold) on “NVIDIA Tegra Audio Topology Filter”
6. On the Context menu, tap “Properties”
7. In the properties dialog box tap on the “Driver” tab at the top
8. Now click the “Roll Back Driver” button and tap “Restart now” when prompted.

Obviously, no guarantees if this could indeed help you solve the issue. But there is a fair chance that since Microsoft has identified the problem it may issue a fix in one of its upcoming Patch Tuesday updates. Until this, this should help some of you that own a Surface RT slate and have this problem.

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