BUILD 2011 Video – eDev Technologies talk about inteGREAT on the EXPO floor

September 16, 2011

eDev Technologies is a requirements lifecycle solutions company dedicated to helping you manage, document and reduce the overall cost of your IT projects. inteGREAT Enterprise is a complete solution to various complexities and hurdles businesses face for executing projects. With inteGREAT Enterprise the critical step of requirements gathering is made easier than ever before.. inteGREAT Enterprise provides duplex integration with MS Team Foundation, SharePoint, Word, Excel, Visio, Project and Expression Blend with Sketchflow. To let analyzers get a jumpstart, inteGREAT Enterprise produces documents to SharePoint for workflow & collaboration generating prototypes to MS Team Foundation. Using MS Team Foundation as the requirement database, inteGREAT Enterprise ensures coordination with Microsoft Technology Ecosystem Tools. As part of Microsoft SDLC Tools Ecosystems using inteGREAT Enterprise ensures a comprehensive and effective solution. Yes, that was taken from their website which you can go to here. You can see my video below.. hkDnGekR6HM  ]]>

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