BUILD 2012 announced for this October 30

post, Tim O’Brien, general manager of platform strategy in the Developer and Platform Evangelism group at Microsoft said the next BUILD will be held the week after Windows 8 becomes generally available and will focus primarily on Windows 8. However, Windows 8 will not be the only topic of conversation at BUILD 2012. “Our next developer conference will be this fall, and it’s (again) called BUILD,” O’Brien said. “And in addition to Windows 8, we will have lots of other stuff to talk about, too: Windows Azure, Windows Phone 8, Windows Server 2012, Visual Studio 2012 and much more.” Registration for the event will open on August 8th at 8AM PT. Microsoft is pulling out all the hype stops for this one. “BUILD 2012 will be on the Microsoft campus, and I know what you’re thinking … if it’s not in some cavernous convention hall, then it must be a dialed-down version of last year’s event, etc. … but don’t be confused: this will be unlike anything we’ve held on our corporate campus in a long time,” O’Brien said. “More details to come. And as we talked about in the January post, if you’ve gone to a Microsoft developer event, you know that most of the speakers and participants are from our engineering teams, so a campus event puts you in the thick of things along with the engineers directly responsible for our products and the platform opportunities they represent. This one’s not to be missed.” For more information about last years BUILD 2011 conference, take a look back here…]]>

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