Business App Developer Says it Is Doing Great with its Windows 8 App Sales

bit of a fit in regards to how their app was doing, saying that it wasn’t getting enough exposure and had only made around $83. Microsoft shortly after jumped in and offered to help, and the developer apologized. You have to wonder though, are app developers profiting with Windows RT and Windows 8 or not? According to business app developer “Extend Results”– you certainly can do quite well at least for business apps. Five weeks ago the developer launched its PUSHBI Windows Store app which gives businesses a way to view company stats and info on the go. In a post on its blog regarding the Extended Results app, the company said it had been happy with its performance on the Windows Store: Since the launch of our title, we have had over 2,500 downloads. That is not too bad for an Enterprise business application. And I can share this, we made WAY MORE than $83 bucks on it … We have seen an extra 15 to 20 new business leads a week because of Windows 8. We are seeing tremendous business traffic with Windows 8 that is for sure. If you didn’t catch it, the $83 comment was essentially a jab at the complaining game studio. As for how much Extend Results is making? They didn’t give an exact number as you can see, but at least say they are happy with the results so far. The bottom-line is that even though most apps in the Windows Store are advertisement driven free apps, you can in fact make money as a developer of Windows 8/RT apps. Not to mention that the platform is growing each and every day and the more consumers switching to Windows 8, the more money there is to be made. Do you have Windows 8 yet, if so have you purchased any paid apps or are you sticking with free applications at the moment? [ source ]]]>

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