Shop for Microsoft Windows Products
Shop for Microsoft Windows Products

It’s an exciting time for the PC industry and the release of Windows 8 will change the hardware and software computer landscape forever.

Along with Microsoft releasing Windows 8 software, there are a whole host of hardware and software vendors releasing complementary products to Windows 8. From Dell to Acer to Asus, Samsung to HP, there’s a lot to look through and shop for.

This is the most comprehensive Microsoft Windows shopping page on the web. Here you will be able to find links to purchase the hardware and software you need for the new Operating System.

Let’s get started.

Buy Windows 8 and/or Windows 8 Pro

Windows 8 ProOf course the first thing you will be looking to get is Windows 8. The software is available in 2 consumer versions Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro.

The other 2 versions are Windows RT (installed primarily on tablets) and Windows 8 Enterprise which will be sold primarily directly to businesses.

You can buy Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro here:

Buy Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 DatacenterWindows Server 2012 is the Server version of Windows 8. It is used to power Windows Servers and is the version that is replacing Windows Server 2008 R2.

Most consumers will not need to buy this new version of Windows. If you are a company and you are looking for a more efficient, more powerful and more secure server Operating System, this is the one for you.

You can buy Windows Server 2012 software:

Visual Studio 2012

Visual Studio 2012Visual Studio 2012 is a family of products, tools, and technologies that you can use to build powerful, high-performance apps.

Using these tools, you can learn how to create Windows Store apps, in addition to desktop, web, phone, and game-console apps.

You can buy Visual Studio 2012 software here:

That takes care of the software side of Windows 8. Now let’s talk hardware…

Windows 8 Desktop PC’s and All In Ones.

Windows 8 Desktop PCThere are so many exciting new types of Windows 8 compatible PC’s coming on the market that it’ll make your head spin.

There are All In Ones (PC’s without a case or body, just a screen and a keyboard), regular desktop PC’s, hybrids etc.

These are much faster and efficient computers that take advantage of Windows 8’s software enhancements.

You can buy Windows 8 compatible Desktop PC’s here:

Windows 8 Laptops and Ultrabooks.

Windows 8 LaptopThere are also many exciting new types of Windows 8 compatible Latops/Notebooks and Hybrids coming on the market this holiday season.

These new laptops are thin, light, fast and very efficient. They have some cutting edge features not usually seen in PC Laptops.

Apart from being much faster, a lot of these laptops are touch screen enabled and can be converted into tablets.

You can buy Windows 8 Laptops and Ultrabooks here:

Windows 8 Slates or Windows 8 Tablets.

Windows 8 Tablet Microsoft have made Windows RT a mobile specific Operating System.

There are now several serious alternatives to Apple’s iPad on the market now as we speak.

These ARM based tablets have long battery life (10+ hours), are slim and light and run Windows applications.

You can buy Windows 8 Tablets here:

Windows 8 Keyboards.

microsoft sculpt keyboardIn light of all the new functions built into Windows 8, there are a bunch of new and exciting Windows 8 keyboards heading your way this holiday season.

I’ve been asked before how you can quickly tell if a keyboard is Windows 8 enabled and the answer is easy.

Windows 8 enabled keyboards typically have a Windows Start Button on the bottom left of the keyboard.

You can buy Windows 8 enabled keyboards here:

Windows 8 Mice.

Microsoft wedge mouseThere are very new, cutting edge Windows 8 enabled Mice on the market.

A lot of these Mice look more like works of art than computer accessories with their futuristic designs.

They do have substantial ergonomic advantages over last years models.

You can buy a Windows 8 compatible Mouse here:

Windows Server 2012 compatible Servers.

Windows Server 2012

As you saw above, Windows Server 2012 software is available.

The next step if you are a company is to find a physical server capable of running all the apps you need ot storing your data or both.

These new Servers are much faster and efficient than older hardware and they take advantage of the fastest CPU’s from Intel, AMD and more.

You can buy Windows Server 2012 hardware here:

Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 PhonesNokia, HTC, Samsung and many more are producing lovely Windows Phones.

The latest Operating System from Microsoft is Windows Phone 8 and these new units are also primed to take on the iPhone and Android phones head on.

These phones have great cameras, slim form factors, are fast and efficient and come in many great shapes and sizes.

You can buy Windows Phone 8 smart phones here:

That’s all for now. We’ll add more vendors as soon as we have them.

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