Calendar app in Windows 8 gets detailed, makes managing your schedule easier

  • Show your life clearly.
  •  You should have crystal clear visibility into what’s happening in your life – at home, at work, and at school.
  • Make it easy to get around. Moving back and forth in time should be quick and efficient. Opening events and appointments should feel natural.
  • Make it easy to add new items. New things are always coming up in your life. A great calendar makes it easy to make new plans.
  • Keep you on time. Well laid plans aren’t very useful if you show up late! Smile
  • Be ready to do more. As you get busier, scheduling gets more complicated. Calendar should gracefully handle your needs as they change.
  • As they  designed the Calendar app, they focused on providing that clarity and eliminating distractions. You’re also in complete control of how these calendars appear in the app. For example, if a certain calendar has special meaning for you, you can make it stand out by changing its color. If you’re overwhelmed by the number of birthdays showing up from your favorite social network, you can hide those items in order to see everything else more clearly.  This makes the calendar look  life if it is exclusive to you, reflecting your life. You can switch between Day, week and month view very easily.  You can add new events to the Calendar in Windows 8 by simply clicking or tapping on the day or time you want. The calendar app has live tile, which shows your upcoming schedules at a glance, without the need of even opening it. Also it shows notification on the lock screen, so you can know where you have to be even without unlocking the device. Pretty cool na? The Calendar app will also feature a “two-day” view, which offers more focus on whats coming up.
    “The two-day view is useful because making good time management decisions today often requires understanding what’s coming up tomorrow. In addition, this view takes advantage of today’s modern wide-screen displays without adding additional chrome or distractions just to fill up the extra space,” Microsoft explains.
    They designed a simple and consistent model where all views are represented by a single, snapped view. This single view maintains the context and positioning from the larger views. (That is, if you’re on Wednesday in the large view, you’re still on Wednesday when going to snapped view.) It’s also designed to give you the same life clarity and ease of navigation: All events from all of your calendars are available in a simple list. A swipe or click to the right or left takes you forward or backwards in time. Have you tried the Calendar app in Release Preview? Share your experience with us.]]>

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