Can Microsoft Learn From HP And RIM's Mistakes?

taking a look at. Don’t get me wrong, there are users out there that love the Blackberry keyboard setup, its non-touch interface (okay, so some models do support touch), and other business-centric elements. There are users that will use Windows on the desktop/laptop, but Microsoft understands tablets are a growing market and they want to grow with it. RIM’s inability to latch on to the growing casual/everyday smartphone user market was likely part of its problem. While RIM isn’t yet dead, it has now pushed back its QNX-based “Blackberry 10” OS until the end of 2012, which will make it fall further and further behind. The good news is that Microsoft is not HP nor RIM. It is willing to take risks like HP did with Web OS, but is also basing its tablet OS on proven Windows technology (whereas Web OS was largely unproven). Does this again mean Windows 8 will be a runaway success? Not at all. When comparing to RIM, Microsoft is constantly working to keep its OS on the cutting edge and although they have pushed back many of its products (like waiting until 2012 for tablets), they can certainly afford it better than RIM. What do you think of RIM these days? Or even HP? Is Microsoft going to make any of the same mistakes that have plagued either of these two companies? Share your thoughts below.]]>

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