You Can Now Register For Microsoft BUILD 2020

BUILD 2020

The mega event of the year is on! Microsoft is now allowing folks to register for its BUILD 2020 developer conference, which is set to take place from May 19 through 21 in Seattle, WA.

A metric ton of new details are promised at this prestigious event from the Redmond giant.

Including its plans for Windows 10X, the Surface Neo and Duo, all of which are coming later this year. We may also get some more hints on what the company has lined up for its Windows Core OS operating platform.

Although this is a developed focused event, BUILD is often the stage for myriad announcements, as the software titan details the features and abilities it plans to introduce for consumers in the months that follow.

This time around, dual-screen experiences are the talk of the town. And with these type of devices in their very early stages, it is only logical that the company prepares developers for this new form factor.

In fact, even before BUILD, Microsoft has already released the Surface Duo emulator that developers can use to test their apps for the dual-screen form factor on Android. The company is also promising a Windows 10X emulator by Windows Developer Day, which will be on February 11.

And oh, if you are a citizen of both the Windows and Android worlds, you will be happy to know that for the first time since 2017, the two main events are not colliding.

Google I/O developer event takes place a week before BUILD, from May 12 through 14.

You can register for BUILD 2020 here.

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