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You Can Now Run Desktop Programs In Mixed Reality

Want to run TurboTax in VR? Well, you’re in luck! Microsoft is bringing the ability to run those classic, desktop programs in Windows Mixed Reality.

The software titan added this ability in a recently released Insider preview build.

Microsoft’s virtual and augmented reality platform isn’t just for playing games, it is completely at ease when it comes to running applications, too, in VR and AR environments. But until now, you could only run UWP apps from the Microsoft Store in Mixed Reality.

But that is finally changing.

As the company notes in a blog post:

“In this update, we added the ability to launch Desktop (Win32) applications (such as Spotify, Paint.NET, and Visual Studio Code) in Windows Mixed Reality. To use this feature, bring up Pins Panel, then go to all apps, where you will find a folder named “Classic Apps (Beta)”. In this folder, you will be able to select and launch any Desktop (Win32) applications.”

Good stuff.

While it’s natural that not very many people will want to run their traditional desktop applications for extended periods of time in this mode, this is still a very useful addition. And should help with the uptick of the platform, as it charts new territories both in home and enterprise use.

It’s not yet clear when this feature will arrive on regular Windows 10 builds.

But the 19H1 update for the operating system is set to be finalized in late March, ahead of its early April rollout. A release sometimes around that time makes sense.

Bring it.

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