Canonical Showcases Juju Support For Windows Azure On Its Website

Judging by how things have been between both companies in the recent past, the official site of Ubuntu is the last place you would expect to see a Windows Azure logo.

But stranger things have happened — and will happen — in the technology world.

Canonical, the maker of the popular Linux distribution had some very harsh words for Microsoft in general and Windows 8 in particular in the past. But it seems that all is forgotten.

The company is now showcasing its latest partnership deal with Redmond by sporting the Windows Azure logo on its home page. This particular deal allows Canonical to deploy Juju in Windows Azure.

According to the official announcement on its website:

“Canonical, in cooperation with Microsoft, is announcing that Juju fully supports deploying services on Ubuntu into Windows Azure. This means that Ubuntu users can use Juju with its intuitive GUI to design and deploy sophisticated application infrastructure instantly into Windows Azure.”

Both companies have been cooperating in the cloud domain for a while now, but this is the first time Canonical is showing off and advertising the collaboration on its official website — which actually is great news for Microsoft and its popular Azure cloud infrastructure.

Juju is a GUI (graphical user interface) based application infrastructure.

This open source service orchestration management tool now allows more than 100 services, called Juju Charms, onto Windows Azure Ubuntu instances. You can read up more on how to deploy workloads into Windows Azure at this link.

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