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If you are confused and cant decide between Windows 7 and Windows VISTA then here are some major differences that can help you to opt for the right option. Windows 7 is the latest operating system by Microsoft it is better than Windows VISTA in all aspects but is still a little behind when compared to Windows XP; performance wise. It is designed to simplify your day to day tasks.
Windows 7 is superior to Windows VISTA:
Multi touch:
Latest trend these days is the touch technology; Windows 7 supports the revolutionary multi touch technology.
New task bar:
The new task bar in Windows 7 merges the features of quick launch and the traditional windows management.
Enhanced performance and faster speed:
Windows 7 is much faster than Windows VISTA; with few start up processes Windows 7 loads faster as compared to Windows VISTA. With the ease of reduced time users can develop and install windows applications. Windows 7 is more efficient and thus promises its users fewer system crashes.
User access control (UAC) is a security feature; it is improved and is much better in Windows 7; users can now set their on level of UAC in Windows 7 and if UAC prompts appear to be annoying then users can easily disable this feature.
Less storage requirement:
Unlike Windows VISTA, Windows 7 takes very less space on your hard drive, this results in faster performance.
Aero peek:
Another interesting and useful feature in Windows 7 is Aero Peek. With this feature users can look into their desktop without minimizing any of the windows that are in use. In simple terms Aero Peek makes active programs transparent for the users so that they can view desktop.
Media centre:
Microsoft has added some great new functions of windows media centre in Windows 7 which are not available in Windows VISTA. For example:
Users can now launch windows media centre from the start menu.
Windows media centre desktop gadget keeps you updated about whats available through media.
Internet TV
Users can now play games through windows media centre.
Summing up in simple terms:
Windows 7 is faster, more stable and more efficient than Windows VISTA.
Windows 7 provide improved user interface when compared to Windows VISTA.
Windows 7 improves the user experiences as compared to Windows VISTA.

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