CES 2013 Is Here – Products, Plans and Steve Ballmer

The International Consumer Electronics Show or CES is the place to be for anyone who wants to stay up to date with the latest technology. Every year the biggest companies in the world show off their wares at CES and 2013 will be no different.

We expect novelties from the world of smartphones all the way to TVs. Samsung, LG, Haier, Nvidia, Google, Intel, HTC are just some of the companies that will use the 2013 CES conference to announce their products in an original way. Right now we will be focus on products related to the new Windows 8.

Speaking of Windows original keynotes, there’ll be none of that this year. Their flashy presentations, often with celebrities such as Shaq, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) have always been something to look forward to on CES.

Steve Ballmer, nixed the keynote this year, but surprised everyone with a cameo appearance during Qualcomm’s opening keynote address.

Back to Windows 8, there will be a slew of new products. One of the more interesting rumors from mynokiablog indicates that Nokia will try out the tablet market. The supposed tablet will be named Senna, running our Windows RT.

With Lumia 920, Nokia clearly implied that they have no plans to slow down. That in mind, if they do launch this Windows RT Senna, it will be doubtless among the best tablets.

Another verified novelty that really caught my attention is the new tablet from Tobii Technology. What’s so cool about this tablet is that it will be eye-controlled! Yes you will be able to zoom, scroll, auto-center and open windows- using only your eyes.

That feature on a Windows 8 base will certainly gain the tablet an award for innovation. The only downside is the limited quantity of only 5,000 units. Being that limited on quantity, the tablet will be anything but affordable.

This year will we get the chance to see the first Windows 8 tablet running on Intel’s upcoming Z2760 processor. Intel announced some details about it, such as 1.8 GHz work rate and 2 cores. Currently, quad-core devices are most popular and most powerful, but Intel aims to extended battery life. That being the main goal it is fair to expect that the upcoming Windows RT devices will feature this chip.

intel ultrabooks

Another great device from Intel, also running on Windows 8 slate is the Ultrabook-An awesome notebook, only 17mm thick. Oh yes, with a detachable touch screen! That’s right this ultra light Ultrabook has a detachable screen that can work as a standalone with Windows 8. Makes you wonder is it just a Windows 8 tablet with an accessory keyboard, or truly a notebook with a detachable screen… Either way, the result remains the same, but this way it is more original.

Nvidia did quite well with the Tegra 3 built in some of the best smartphones on the market. Therefore we have reason to believe that they will announce the successor- Tegra 4.
Judging by the state of today’s market, if Nvidia really does launch Tegra 4, 2 GHz on a quad-core processor would be the least to expect. If we’re really lucky, we might see a Windows 8 tablet featuring the Tegra 4.

Windows 8 is starting to become very popular among many upcoming smartphones, so 2013 may be the year it steps up to the plate to pose a challenge to Android and iOS, both in consumer and enterprise markets.

[Guest Article by Dominic]

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